A New Path

A New Path

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Gluten Free Goodness!

Today I have finally made the leap! I am attempting to bake a 'gluten & dairy free' cake, yep I've tried it before but it was a dismal, crumbly failure. I then stumbled across this site 'Gluten Free Goddess' and decided to try Frosted Banana spice cake which is baking in the oven as I write. One small problem.....I forgot to add the Xanthan Gum which is the vital ingredient in gluten free baking ensuring "added structure to the bread and so the dough will rise and also helps improve the structure of cakes and scones"........um whoops. Oh well I'll let you know how it goes in about 15 more minutes......smells pretty good I must say.

Ok so final verdict is you do require Xanthan Gum for a successful outcome, we had to resort to using bowls (with the added bonus of chocolate soy icecream) but the taste omg, so sweet, fruity, rich and moist! My five year old who is none the wiser about all this gluten free jazz absolutely loved it, so did my eldest daughter.....so its a thumbs up for this receipe, just don't forget the xanthan gum.....

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  1. looks and sounds delicious. and am so jealous of the vege patch below!! xo m.