A New Path

A New Path

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Something has to give....

Do you ever get the feeling that something is just not right and then you convince yourself to carry on along the same path regardless? Yes I have many times, but seem to be doing it alot less these days.....Except for just recently. I decided to take on 3 units of Uni this term, I have changed to study on-line instead of face to face. When I received my work, I felt it, that gut squirming kind of feeling that says NO this is way too much for you right now, it was actually very clear and I had a good month to choose to defer some subjects without penalty. Did I do what I knew I should deep down....of course not! I began to reason with myself that it's actually not that much work and can be fitted in comfortably around my already busy life, yep it would be no problem! Ok, now its 6 weeks down the track, I have just received my results back for my first assignment task and grim reality set in....gulp! She said it read 'rushed' (she got that right!) and I knew I lost my track, got confused and was capable of work to a much higher standard. No, I'm not going to beat myself up, I'm going to regroup and refocus. Its too late now to go back. This lecturers comments actually helped me snap back into reality yet in a gentle kind of way. She said she kept rereading it wanting to give me a higher mark but alas......Thank you, thats all I can say. I choose now not to rush and cram my life. To listen to what I know so maybe next time I will.

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  1. Your instinct knows you best. The greatest thing is that you learned something from this experience. New follower on board from DP.