A New Path

A New Path

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Spending Monster Within....

Ok, I feel the need to explain myself.....when I said 'budget conscious' and 'frugal' I didn't mean shopping for 20kg sacks of flour and rice once a year, making all my children's clothes, never using deodorant and cosmetics again. You see I'm an old free 'n easy spender from way back with a very relaxed attitude about it. The truth is I was spending unconsciously, almost driven by some underlying urges beyond my control which I could forever justify. Well, I have now chosen to take a stand, a conscious stand against the feverishly hungry spending monster within. You see nothing would satisfy it for long. Now I know this sounds kind of extreme and well, maybe it is but I find it difficult to explain it any other way. I am now making a choice to become a conscious shopper. I am for the first time, actually recording everything I spend, which I am finding very empowering, I am actually loving the feeling of control it's giving me. I am feeling great about saying 'No' to stuff I know we don't need. I am enjoying feeling happy and satisfied with less, appreciating the things I have and focusing on what really matters to me, my family, their happiness, their health and that of my own.... I'm also starting to realise money isn't all it's cracked up to be. So no, it's not about being the perfect little greeny, although I am all for it, it's about being realistic in terms of me and my journey.

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